Make-Up Cosmetics are commonly used to increase aspects of facial contrast, such as the redness of lips. Scientists propose that this can partly explain why make-up is worn the way that it is – shades of lipstick that increase the redness of the lips are making the face appear younger, which is related to healthiness and beauty.

At Blush Salon Beauty makeup artist and art is more confident, and this makes your look much more better. I believe makeup is the most important of all because it is our face that projects our deepest essence, that interacts with other people when we speak with them, when we look in their eyes, laugh, or show our opinions or feelings through our facial expressions. Our face is where people look when they want to know us or understand us.



At blush salon academy, To all aspirating course teaches basic & advance hairdressing in all categories. To make upscale and quality students with best knowledge and confidence by the time of completion of technical education from us We are the first academy who can tech technical skill course in distance education level.

Blush hair Services and Academy For the hair, most Hispanas go to the blush beauty salon because our hair is special and deserves the very best of care! Beauty parlors are an important part of our culture. You can read about our Haqir Academy Salon and stylists Here.


Blush Nails Academy For the nails, almost all women these days go to nail salons because you can find them everywhere and today's nail technicians or nail artist can do amazing things that we can't do ourselves. Nails are a very special part of our beauty because even when we're not wearing makeup or our finest outfits, even when our hair is not at its best, our nails still make a striking statement of elegance! Well cared-for perfect nails are the mark of a competent, confidant, healthy woman, so we should never neglect them!

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